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Forman & Field Open Day 2016

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Saturday 27th February we hosted another of our annual open days here at Fish Island, and (if we do say so ourselves) it was such a great day! Around 700 of you came along and made the day so enjoyable. We had so much going on and something for everyone; from competitions and tasters, to tours and carving demonstrations!


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[ Kalisha manning our competition stand ]

Visitors were greeted at the door and invited up to our Gallery, with a smorgasbord of food to taste on our stalls, a bar with extra food and drinks, a competition stand, and stunning views of the Olympic Stadium opposite. The room also held regular talks and discussions from our suppliers and the King of Salmon, Mr Forman. The room was a total buzz, and it wasn’t long after the doors opened that the room was filled. The atmosphere was great, and that certainly carried on throughout the day!

It wasn’t just our Gallery that had attractions; the on-site restaurant hosted a completely new menu, specially put together for the day, and proved to be extremely popular! There were hourly demonstrations in our factory by our Guinness World Record Holder Darren Matson. He demonstrated the skills that go into filleting a salmon and (of course, what he is well known for) just how to carve a side of smoked salmon. Visitors were then allowed to freely walk around the factory, observing just what goes on. They witnessed curing, smoking, cooking, carving, packing, labeling, and more! We also set up a mini market, in which visitors could purchase fresh fish and fruit and veg. How can we have squeezed so much into one building you ask? We sometimes wonder the exact same thing, but one thing’s for sure, there is always something new happening at Formans and the best way to experience it is first hand.



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[ Darren Matson doing what he does best! ]

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[ Our packed out restaurant! ]

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[ Kalisha & Jess – Forman & Field girls! ]



We have had such lovely comments both on the day and after from those who came along, and it has to be said we are so thankful to everyone. We are delighted that we could hold such a successful day, and that everyone enjoyed it just as much as we did. Linda Hudgins emailed us to say: “Thank you so much for your generous hospitality on Saturday- it really was a great day! We tasted everything but were amazed at the total amount of your delicious salmon consumed in total! Very jolly in spite of the blue hair!!!”   Sarah Bond emailed in and said: “It was absolutely fascinating to listen to Lance, and to watch the salmon carving demonstration and tour the smokehouse. And of course the delicious tastings, and the competition – which kept us entertained for ages.”  


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[ Chatting with Fudge Kitchen ]


[ Photo sent in to us by Linda Hudgins – pure joy! ]

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[ Seema Salam taking part in one of the quiz’s ]


Throughout the day,  we gave various opportunities to win lots of lovely goodies! A Forman & Field Quiz, a set of Forman & Field Factor challenges, and a running competition on social media (send us your pictures of the day). Thank you to everyone who entered, there were lots of you, but of course, there can only be one winner for each. *drum roll please*

The winner of our Masterclass for 2 is…. BENITA FINANZIO!

The winner of our Forman & Field Quiz is…. JEANNE MASON! She wins a luxury Formans Finest Hamper.

The winner of our Forman & Field Factor Challenge is…. ALAN BOND! He wins some F&F gift vouchers to spend with us.

The winner of our #FFOPENDAY competition is…. NICOLE LEE! She tweeted us this fantastic photo on Twitter: “Smokin’ date @FormanandField today! No such thing as too much smoked salmon!”   We absolutely loved it, she wins a free side of smoked salmon and some F&F gift vouchers to spend with us.


NicLovesChips #ffopenday winner copy

[ Twitter – @NicLovesChips ]

A huge thank you to all the Formans Team who put the day together and worked tirelessly on the day, our suppliers who displayed their amazing products on the top floor, and of course to everyone of our visitors who came along. We had people of all ages come along, and they really made the day special. We really do hope we can see people here again, and hopefully we can hold another open day again very soon!! 🙂 Here are some more pictures from the day, but you can view more photos over on our Facebook page.



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Did you come along? We’d love to hear from you!

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