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Flying Fish – Where is the most unusual place you have ever eaten smoked salmon?

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In response to a recent newsletter we sent out, we received an email from Fiona, one of our loyal Forman & Field customers, with her story about trying to take our smoked salmon to New Zealand – what a palaver it was!!

That got us thinking; do you have any stories about our smoked salmon? We’d love to hear them!!!

Send in your stories about the strangest/most unusual places you have ever eaten our salmon to and you could find yourself in our next blog feature

Over to Fiona:


We went to New Zealand for Christmas and decided a side of Foreman’s wild salmon would make a very nice addition to the proceedings.  I knew NZ have very strict bio-security laws regarding what foodstuffs can and cannot be taken into the country so I tried to check beforehand the position regarding your smoked salmon.  I couldn’t find anything specific on their Customs website so I rang your office to find out if you knew one way or another.  The person I spoke to said they were sure that this had been possible previously.  Sadly, we discovered on arrival it wasn’t possible. 

For reasons that I’m not even sure they would be able to explain, you can only take in salmonids from Norway, Canada and USA – we tried explaining that Scottish wild salmon would have swum in the same sea, but computer said no.  Fortunately they were able to freeze store it for us in Customs to collect on departure.  Unfortunately, this then put us over our departure luggage allowance and we had to pay quite a bit extra.  By the time we arrived in Hong Kong (12-ish hours later), the salmon had partly defrosted and we weren’t sure it was going to last a day in very hot Hong Kong plus 2 further days in Singapore (and further luggage allowance problems).  So, we did the only thing possible and had ourselves a picnic in a park at the top of The Peak in Hong Kong – just between the 2 of us! 

Despite its travels and freezing, the salmon was still tender enough to cut with a metal nail file – our only implement – and was, of course, utterly delicious.  I can say, it’s probably the only time I’ve ever reached the point of feeling I’ve eaten enough smoked salmon!

To avoid anyone else having a similar adventure, please make sure they check and double check with NZ Customs to find out the current regulations re taking your salmon into New Zealand. 


Thank you for sending this in to us Fiona! A great story, and very helpful!

You have been warned 😉

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