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‘Election Night’ Food & Drink Hamper

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Completely unsure who to vote for in the next election? Food is always a wonderful way to inspire!

Our artisan and partisan Election Night Hamper is sure to unite even the most ardent political foes and set off a perfect all-night party! Presented in a beautiful wicker box and packed with our favourite Forman & Field vote-winning goodies from constituencies across the UK , this will put the fest back into your manifesto…

As the results start rolling in and you’re glued to the swingometer in what has been billed as the closest election in a generation, why not indulge in your very own late night feast with a specially selected Election Night Hamper, available for delivery up to May 7th.

And as an optional extra, you can celebrate or commiserate with a bottle of Nye Timber 2007 – Blanc de Blanc (the last vintage to be produced before the 2008 crash). Nye Timber is recorded in the Domesday Book, which makes this the perfect English fizz for the day of doom.

According to our very own Lance Forman, “You don’t need a referendum to find out the result on Election Night. Treat yourself to Forman & Field’s Election Night Hamper and you can’t lose. Even austerity deserves a break once in five years

The Election Night Hamper contains:


· Forman’s ‘London Cure’ Smoked Scottish Salmon : England’s answer to Scottish nationalism, this is uncompromised smoked salmon that’s always a winner.
· Sliced Alderton Ham : traditionally cured, liberally glazed and with an impeccable constitution
· Pickled Shallots : never mind the ballots, try our shallots. These are extra large pickles, and we all know one of them.
· Montgomery’s Farmhouse Cheddar : it’s certainly going to be hard cheese for some
· Kipper Paté : homemade (under EU regulations) with the finest British ingredients. Very smooth and surprisingly easy to swallow.
· Peters Yard Crispbreads : posh crackers, if you will, for the Monster Raving Loonies
· Mrs King’s Pork Pie : porky pie which will delight. Honestly.
· Forman & Field Salmon Scotch eggs : a pair of our very own, multi award-winning and very good eggs. They’re both in it together.
· Macaroons : in a variety political flavours and colours. Wear them as rosettes…. on your tongue. Sound bites have never been so good.
· Chef’s Blueberry Sponge : a delicious fruit-filled cake brimming with blueberry conserve. Enough to make a swivel-eyed-loon swoon.
· And last but not least, a surprise Smoked Sturgeon pack, which definitely packs a punch.


Let us know how you’re planning to celebrate Election Night at @FormanandField or tell us on our Facebook page!





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