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Surveys show that more and more of us are staying in the UK for our family holiday. At Forman & Field, we think this is wonderful!! We love and support our local producers in the UK, and believe we should be visiting these areas much more than we currently are.

The great thing about a Staycation – whether you’re heading to the coast, a campsite or to a forest retreat – is that you can chuck everything you need in the back of your car and head off in comfort. This includes, of course, some food supplies….




August 2016



RECIPE: Smoked Salmon Asparagus Quinoa Cake Eggs Benedict

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This is something really special. We found this recipe over on FORMANS USA Instagram page, and we just fell in love!

Thanks to our friends over in the the US, we can help you create these stunning eggs benedict.


You will need….

1/2 cups butter, melted and hot

2 tablespoons lemon juice, hot

4 tablespoons water, hot

3 egg yolks

1 tablespoon dill, chopped

salt and pepper to taste

4 eggs

4 asparagus quinoa cakes, see below

12 spears asparagus, blanched

4 ounces smoked salmon – of course, we recommend H Forman & Son London Cure!! Read more...



May 2016



Weekend Feasting

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Leave your stressful and busy week behind, and order some gourmet treats from us for the weekend. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to pop in the oven, or something to stun your dinner guests, we’ve got you covered! Bring our dining room into yours, with everything you need for the perfect meals throughout the day.

We’ve come up with a few ideas and created a whole menu for you! Will you try any of these at home?



BeFunky Collage breakfast 2Simple idea – Rinkoffs rolls with smoked salmon butter

Something special – Kiln roasted salmon folded through scrambled eggs, or crumbled into an omelette

Why not try something a little out of the Edwardian Era with this fabulous kipper recipe we found. Read more...



April 2016



Join us for a Masterclass!

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Are you already booked in to attend one of our popular Smokehouse Tours? Are you thinking of booking? Perhaps you’re just looking for something new! Join us at H. Forman & Son for a Smoked Salmon Carving Masterclass.


Darren Matson, our resident expert (and Guinness World Record Holder) in carving smoked salmon will show and teach you his famous technique that produces such gorgeous smoked salmon slices. Traditionally smoked salmon is carved into long, thin banquet slices which are then layered back on the skin each on top of one another. Read more...



April 2016




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We can now proudly announce that the new Formans USA site is now up and running!!


Forman’s has exported its smoked salmon to the USA for over 50 years. Due to popular demand from American consumers, more products in the Forman & Field range will be available to US shoppers through its local US distribution hub. Click HERE to view Forman & Field products that are now available to purchase in the US. We will continually be adding more products that will become available, so make sure you keep an eye out!! Read more...



April 2016



Recipe: Tian of Forman’s Smoked Salmon with Orange Confit

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This week, we’re borrowing a recipe from our events venue Forman’s Fish Island! ‘Tian of Forman’s smoked salmon with orange confit’ is a dish often served during events, so why not try it at home for a lovely luxurious starter!

Tian of Forman’s Smoked Salmon with Orange Confit


Ingredients (serves four)
200g Forman’s Smoked Salmon
200g of Cured Salmon (step 1)
2 unwaxed oranges
1 unwaxed lemon
Olive oil
1 shallot
6/7 chives chopped, plus a few extra stalks
1 tablespoon of mascarpone
1 teaspoon of Keta salmon caviar
50g sugar
50g sea salt
2 teaspoons Brown sugar
Salt/pepper to flavour
1 tablespoon of water

Equipment:  4 metal rings



1.



September 2015



Our Cherries in Brandy are back!

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Good news! Our popular Cherries in Brandy are back online! No matter how many we make, these jars sell out every year. They come in a handy reusable kilner jar which, we think, adds to their appeal. To celebrate their return we thought we’d share with you our suggestions for using them. (You could just eat them on their own straight out of the jar, but they are a perfect pairing for some desserts!)

A 26202


Mrs Forman’s Cheesecake & Cherries in Brandy

One of our best kept secrets at Forman & Field is this cheesecake. Read more...



July 2015



RECIPE: Poached Fillet of New Season Wild Salmon

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Our Forman & Field chef Matthew Smith (formerly of the Orient Express) has shared with us one of his delicious recipes for Wild Salmon. This dish can also be found in our on-site restaurant:

Poached Fillet of New Season Wild Scottish Salmon with Pan Fried Samphire, and a Champagne & Mussel Sauce

Dish serves 4 people…

 poached wild with samphire & mussels


Fillet of Wild Salmon 160g-180g (skinned and pinned) x 4
Mussels in shell 200g
Fresh Samphire 250g
Shallots (peeled and chopped) x3
Olive Oil 20ml
White Wine 100ml
Champagne 200ml
Fish Stock 250ml
Double Cream 100ml
1/2 a bunch of Dill
Seasoning (salt & pepper)



We start with the mussels, scrape off any barnacles and remove any beards (the little hairs that come out from the shells). Read more...



July 2015



Food served at Royal Banquets

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Fancy holding your own Royal banquet? Take a look at our suggestions for a very British celebration…

A 10668

Smoked Salmon Paupiettes


Take your starter from…State Banquet for American President Obama and 170 guests

For them:
The President dined on sole paupiette with crayfish sauce as a starter, new Windsor lamb with courgettes, french beans and potatoes for main and charlotte à la vanille with fruits for dessert.

For you:
Try our smoked salmon paupiettes for a similarly luxurious starter!

Serve with… Boley Pinot Gris 2014

Take your main course from…Historic State Banquet for Irish President Michael D Higgins

For them:
This banquet marked the first visit by an Irish head of state to Britain, joined by politicians and celebrities. Read more...



May 2015



The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Experience

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Carve a whole rope-hung side, fresh from the Smokehouse, it is easier than you think!

Carving smoked salmon for guests is not only a lovely ritual, it improves the taste. Leaving the fillet intact as long as possible preserves all those wonderful flavours by preventing oxidation. You don’t have to be an expert. Anyone can carve a salmon into fine slices but you will need a carving knife with long, thin blade or, ideally a specialist carving kit.


Rope-hung Smoked Salmon


Here is our step by step guide:

1.



January 2015