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Alternative Barbecue Add-ons!

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Summer is near, barbecues are starting to pop up in the park and even some impromptu outdoor dining.  Following on from our Barbecued Wild Salmon recipe, here are five exceptional sauces, condiments and side ideas from the Forman & Field larder for you to dip into:

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A lovely selection of our picnic foods

Black Truffle Mustard
Truffles have long been a chef’s secret, adding wonderful depth to all kinds of dishes! Try adding a teaspoon to salad dressing, or thickly spread on a burger.

Smoked Mackerel Pâté
For those of you that get peckish while waiting for the barbecue! Packed with flavour and Omega 3s, mackerel is often underrated – spread our smoked mackerel pâté over warm crusty bread! A perfect sandwich filler!

Forman’s Homemade Pickles
Impress your guests with our homemade pickles – we supply them in kilner jars so you may just about be able to get away with claiming them as your own. Delicious with cold cuts and even smoked fish!

Scottish Horseradish Sauce
Our Scottish horseradish is hot, strong and unbleached. Add 1 tbsp to 2tbsp gently whipped cream for a lively accompaniment to beef cuts.

Peter’s Yard Crispbreads
These gold-medal winning crackers are terrific with cheese or pate

Will you be trying something from this selection? Let us know at @FormanandField or tell us on our Facebook page!





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