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Would you try these 6 unusual London Cure smoked salmon recipies?

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Ever wondered which unusual food combinations complement H. Forman & Son’s London Cure smoked salmon? We have some deliciously fun and different recipes in mind…

Try Pumpernickel Bread for a quick snack

Pumpernickel Bread
Try draping smoked salmon slices over Pumpernickel bread. The sweet rye flavour perfectly complements the London Cure’s light flavour; garnish with water cress and cream cheese.

While you may not immediately think that these two ingredients would go well together, you can easily create an amazing smoked salmon, poached lemon and chocolate blini dish. Perfect for any celebration or holiday, this unique mixture will have your mouth watering and your sweet tooth longing for more.

Smoked salmon dip
Create your own smooth and delectable smoked salmon dip topped with fresh parsley using this recipe. For a twist on traditional smoked salmon bagels, thinly slice bagels for dipping! This appetiser is great for parties and picnics.

large blini

Swap cream cheese for Horseradish Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a recipe that combines the smoked salmon with delicious greens and spices, then bookmark this one. It only takes about 30 minutes to make, and is a healthy treat for all ages.

Horseradish Ice Cream
This recipe will tell you everything you need to know about how to prepare this flavourful pairing. While it may be a challenging creation for some, your taste buds will be grateful.

Smoked salmon goes well with all noodles and is especially tasty when mixed with this creamy pasta recipe. This quick dish is perfect and easy for stress-free family meals. To top off your creation, serve with fresh garden peas.


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June 2015