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London Cure Hand-Sliced Smoked Scottish Salmon

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Code Size/Type Price  
B1072A Sliced - 100g Serves 1-2 £5.95
B1071N Sliced side - 900g Sves 10-12 (NOT VAC PACKED) £39.95
B1070N Sliced - 400g Sves 6-8 (NOT VAC PACKED) £18.95
B1072N Sliced - 200g Sves 3-4 (NOT VAC PACKED) £9.95
B1072L London Cure Lean Smoked Salmon - 200g £9.95
B1070L London Cure Lean Smoked Salmon - 400g £18.95
B1072F London Cure Fatty Smoked Salmon - 200g £9.95
B1070F London Cure Fatty Smoked Salmon - 400g £18.95
B1072 Sliced - 200g Sves 3-4 £9.95
B1070 Sliced - 400g Sves 6-8 £18.95
B1071 Sliced side - 900g Sves 10-12 £39.95
  Price per head  3.20 Approx per head
  • Description
    • >Order by 10am for next day delivery> All Forman's smoked is hand-sliced the day we dispatch it and is presented in beautiful gift packaging.

      Harry Forman, our founder, devised the famous London Cure - applied to grade one Scottish salmon - it is deliberately subtle so you can taste the wondrous, melt-in-the-mouth flesh. We only use rock salt and oak smoke, nothing else. Perfection.

      Watch a video of a day in the life of our smokery here -

  • Cooking
    • Our sliced packs of smoked salmon are ready to serve, if you have purchased a whole side you will need a sharp knife with a long, flexible blade and a set of small pliers to remove the pin bones. We sell both here online.
      How to carve a whole, untrimmed side of smoked salmon
      1. Gripping the fin under the collar bone with one hand, cut off the fin and bone and discard.
      2. From the top down to the tail, trim along both edges of the salmon, working around the fin.
      3. Guide the smoked salmon knife tightly under the rib cage and remove all the bones.
      4. Trim all the outer layer from the tail to the head.
      5. Run your fingers along the middle of the fish to feel for the pin bones, remove them using pliers, pulling in the direction they protude to prevent breakage.
      6. Slice the salmon laterally using a smooth sawing action from head to tail, ensuring the knife is very sharp for thinner slices.

      Cooks' notes:
      The outer layer trimmings from Step 4 are perfect blitzed for use in pates.
  • Storage
    • Fridge: Min 14 days, unopened Please Note NON VACUUM PACKED SALMON is Min 3 days.
      Freezer: 3 months
  • Ingredients
    • B1071N: Rock salt, oak smoke
      B1070N: Rock salt, oak smoke
      B1072N: Rock salt, oak smoke
      B1072: Rock salt, oak smoke
      B1070: Rock salt, oak smoke
      B1071: Rock salt, oak smoke

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