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Mo Farah at Forman’s Fish Island

Olympic here Mo Farah joined us for the announcement by Camelot of the Five Mile Run taking place in the Olympic Park this summer. Lance Forman has announced he will be competing, running in shirt number 2012. The 2012 will be crossed out, of course, so as not to infringe any Olympic branding!P1030665 - small


Kings of the grill

With the arrival of summer the call of the BBQ can be heard across the UK. We love a good barbecue at Forman & Field, which is why we take special delight in being able to offer a selection of sumptuous meats and mouth-watering accompaniments.

As any red-blooded male will earnestly inform you, no barbecue is complete without steak. Our ‘Greatest British Beef Steak Tasting Box’ contains some of the finest British steaks from Britain’s top producers – making it the perfect choice for grill parties.

Whether it’s the 28-day-aged Longhorn beef of The Ginger Pig or the oh-so-tender rump steaks from the Lake District Farmers, our sophisticated steak selection will satisfy and delight.

British sausages are another staple at any self-respecting grill session. Our Ginger Pig pork sausages are made with belly and shoulder pork together with a tasty blend of nutmeg, mace, sage, rosemary and thyme – the perfect way to feed large groups. Also try our luxury burgers, which are all made with pure Welsh beef.

Those who prefer white meat will adore our Rhug Estate organic chicken fillets. During their lives the birds are fed on clover-rich pastures in a stress-free environment, resulting in unrivalled tenderness and texture.

Moving beyond the classic BBQ fodder, some of our more adventurous BBQ ideas include free-range duck. Our supplier provides duck that is reared on a low-density GM-free diet that is completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

The ultimate in outdoor cooking is, of course, the suckling pig. Get one of these on the go and spontaneous applause may ensue – especially when the assembled guests come to taste it. Our supplier, Pugh’s Piglets, is used to supplying some of the UK’s top restaurants.

Barbecues aren’t just about the meat, however. How about lightening things up with a loaf of organic walnut or wholemeal sourdough bread? Or a cute little jar of spiced red cabbage? Any vegetarians in attendance would no doubt appreciate the delicate flavours of our artichoke and mushroom parcels and the attention to detail that marks our handmade leek, spinach and ricotta quiches.

Indulging in an afternoon tipple is a great part of the tradition of British barbecues. While other cultures consider beer to be the drink of choice, our robust Biddenden Dornfelder red wine is the ideal accompaniment for summertime snacking, while the Chapel Down Union can handle the richest of meats.

For those who prefer the lighter fragrances of a Rosé, our Bolney Estate Rosé 2010 is hard to beat. The most BBQ-friendly of our whites is the Chapel Down Chardonnay – its steely acidity works to provide a refreshing palate cleanser. But don’t just believe us – the British-made wine won a bronze medal at last year’s Decanter World Wine Awards.

To really set the taste buds a-tingling, try our horseradish flavoured vodka – a unique blend that is made in Somerset from organic vodka distilled in London. This perfectly compliments beef, meaning that with all that Forman & Field has to offer, you can enjoy a truly all round British barbecue.


Take a virtual tour of Forman’s Fish Island

Floor 1 and Formans Restaurant

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Floor 2 & Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery

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Floor 2 Roof Terrace

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The Prince’s Trust Rock Gala

Forman’s salmon in celebrity party shock!

Joss Stone caught with cake

Cerys Matthews, smoked salmon blini in hand


The salmon returns home – Forman’s back in the Olympic Park with great food

Last week David Cameron and Nick Clegg made their first joint public outing since the local elections to mark the formal completion of the 2012 hand-ball arena.  To prepare themselves for the media onslaught, they tucked into a hearty smoked salmon bagel from neighbouring smoker H. Forman & Son who catered the event.

We relocated from the Olympic Park to make way for the stadium construction and are now hoping to be at the forefront of the 2012 food offering with a classic East End coalition of London Cure smoked Scottish salmon, cream cheese and bagels. If it can bring Cameron and Clegg back together then who knows what team GB can achieve with great British food in 2012!

Having produced top class food in the Olympic park for many years, it was great to be back serving it there!


Fresh and Wild! New season wild Scottish salmon

We’ve just received the very first catch of the new wild Scottish salmon season. This is an exciting time for us here at Forman’s as it is a delicacy only available for a few short months through the summer and the fish that has made our livelihood for the last 106 years. This promises to be a vintage year with excellent quality, good availability and the promise of reasonable prices which is a help to us and of course to you as we pass  them on.

The early season fish are the best as they are netted on their way up river so are fresh from their time feeding up at sea and in perfect condition. Once in the river they don’t eat again until they return back to sea so whilst still perfectly acceptable, the late season fish are nothing on the specimens we have in stock right now. Traditionally the first fish of the season we sell to the Dorchester hotel in London where it is displayed on ice in the dining room.

If you’d like us to send you one of these magnificent fish just give us a call on 0208 5252 352 or email via We’ll prepare and pack it to your specification and will always give you the best price available on the day. There’s nothing like a fresh wild spring salmon to make a centrepiece for a special lunch, don’t miss out!

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Fine food cruises – Forman & Field on the river!

We’re delighted that our friends down the river at Topsail Events are taking our food afloat as part of their rather charming portfolio of Thames cruises. The idea is that you board their historic sailing barge in central London, sail down the river through Tower Bridge – raised especially for you – and back, all the while tucking in to our fine British food and enjoying the sights and stories of old father Thames.

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy London than a summer’s day spent on a beautiful sailing barge, drink in hand and with a buffet prepared by our brigade of restaurant chefs specially for you.

Click the link below to view all the details on the Topsail Events website and book yourself aboard!

Click here for details


Last chance for unlimited free deliveries up to the end of September 2011!

Today’s the last day to be sure of qualifying for free delivery for the next 8 months! You can book in a delivery for Valentine’s or even Easter, or order some vouchers to spend as and when you see fit. We’re making no promises Mr Forman will ever feel so generous ever again so today’s the day!


If you placed an order for £100 or more at Christmas, or if place one before the end of January, you will be entitled to free next day delivery on all orders over £50 between January and September 2011!

Enter CD101 into the ‘discount coupons’ box at the checkout to claim your free deliveries.

UK mainland only, all other areas delivery will be discounted by £9.95. Discount only valid if £100 or over has been spent on one single order between 1st October 2010 and 31s January 2011, otherwise £9.95 will be added to total.


#Formanslovecookoff – The Mystery Boxes have arrived – start cooking!

Something is stirring in the kitchens of some of the most competitive, hard cooking food bloggers in the country.

Under conditions of utmost secrecy – like a Milk Tray without the helicopter – our man has been out to deliver the mystery boxes of ingredients for the inaugural #Formanslovecookoff. The bloggers are now feaverishly working to assemble their dream Valentine’s recipe or recipes from the contents and the best will be published in an upcoming Forman & Field Specials. Glory awaits the winner!

So what’s in the box?

The fillet steak of the salmon world, treated to our delicate London cure. A little salt to lightly cure the fish – definitely suitable to serve sashimi style if you wish – followed by a touch of smoke, just enough to enhance the flavour of the salmon. What you really taste is the quality of the fish; premium grade Scottish salmon, as fresh as can be (unless you want it still swimming).

Similar to Spanish Boquerones, these juicy little fish are marinated rather than salted, leaving them plump, flavoursome, with a pungent garlicky kick. Make sure you and you companion both indulge!

A stalwart farmhouse cheese, considered by many to be one of Britain’s finest. Made to the age-old Kirkham family recipe, this tends to be a fresh, lemony, lactic cheese, with a slight give in the texture.

Does exactly what it says on the tin: lovely ripe cherries preserved in quality brandy, with just enough sugar to soften the boozy edge.

A really special product, even if we do say so ourselves. With vast flora-filled parks to roam to gather pollen, London bees make a honey as nuanced as fine pudding wine. Without the draw of vast fields of one type of flower – oil seed rape and lavender to name a couple – bees in the capital collect from almost every type of flower imaginable, to give a rich multifaceted taste. Let us know what you think.

Handmade herb jelly that’s neither too pungent or too sweet. Made with fresh tarragon.

Guaranteed to knock your socks off: as close to the real deal as you’ll get without a grater. Highly concentrated for maximum effect, this can be worked subtly into sauces and creams for less eye-watering results.

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#Formanslovecookoff – our blogger Valentine’s recipe challenge

This Valentine’s we’ve set some of our favourite food bloggers a labour of love.

The challenge is to take a mystery box of Forman & Field’s finest from which to assemble a dreamy dish or completely head-over-heals lovely menu. We’ll publish all the recipes on our blog from the 31st of January onwards, then we’ll pick the best one which will be printed in an upcoming flyer.

The excitement is already building on Twitter

Here are the contenders, all absolute knock-out food bloggers one and all.

We’ll reveal what is in the mystery boxes tomorrow, until then… what you want on your dream Valentine’s menu?

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