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February Specials Online Now


Colchester Native Oysters from the River Blackwater off Mersea Island are to our mind the best in the world.

Cornish Brill with Sprout Bubble and Squeak and Mustard Cream Sauce makes a cracking fish supper for two. Our chefs lightly sear two fillets and prepare a peppery, buttery bubble and a creamy Dijon mustard sauce to serve with it.

We love parsnips and our new Honey Roast Parsnip Soup shows them off to their best in a jolly fine creamy soup made on the premises here with fresh chicken stock.

Apple pie is hard to beat as a heartwarming winter pud. Lloyd Hardwick, our chef, makes his Chef’s Apple Pie with sweet shortcrust pastry and thickly sliced, roasted Bramley apple so you bite into proper slices of apple rather than puree. Serve with our luscious Brandy Sauce .

Wow, what a cake! New discovery Claudia Camhi bakes on a very small scale for friends and clients in south west London. Her exceptionally moist Almond & Orange Cake . with orange zest and flaked almonds is infused with a Cointreau syrup poured into it as it cools. Corr!


Whether you’re planning a hopelessly romantic tête á tête, a dangerous liaison in a motel off the M40 or simply eating yourself silly to get over a lost love, we have plenty in our special Valentine’s Day Section section to inspire your appetite and sate your libido.

Paul Wayne Gregory’s Valentine’s Truffles Collection includes Bailey’s, raspberry and passion fruit flavours in a heart-melting gift box. It’s exclusive to Forman & Field and absolutely irresistible.


We suggest you spare the whisk on Shrove Tuesday and enjoy Forman & Field Chef Lloyd’s Handmade Pancakes , of course we have an array of sweet and savoury fillings to go with them.

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