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Last Chance for Easter Orders 2009

As always at Forman & Field, we’ll be preparing everything freshly for you this Easter. That’s why we need to have your order confirmed by the end of the day on Friday. Place your order now to avoid disappointment! To help you decide here’s a summary of our best sellers so far this Easter.

Bestsellers – The Fishmongers

Gourmet Fish Pie Filling

Gourmet Fish Pie Filling

Our famous smoked salmon has been on the menu at some top restaurants for over half a century. London Cure Smoked Salmon is perfectly complimented by the delicious Black Bread with rye and caraway produced by another East End heritage producer, Rinkoff’s Bakery of Whitechapel.

Our Fishcakes are the ideal ration to have tucked in the fridge or freezer this Easter. We have four recipes to choose from, each made with freshly mashed potato and succulent chunks of fish. Guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest Easter egg hunter.

Another brilliant standby whether for a quick lunch or dinner party dish is our Gourmet Fish Pie Filling. A jar will keep 10 days in the fridge and can be made into a perfect meal with a topping of our Herb Mash and just 20 minutes or so in the oven.

Bestsellers – The Delicatessen and Butchers

Free Range Duck

Free Range Duck

Metfield Bakery’s Old Spot Ham & Free Range Chicken Pie has become a real Forman & Field favourite since we introduced it to our catalogue. The rich and crunchy pastry is filled with well seasoned meat from their own farm, freshly made chicken stock jelly, and a handful of spinach.

Roast Free Range Duck with our Spiced Red Cabbage makes a cracking Sunday lunch. It also has plenty of pizzazz for a smart dinner party, as we would have said in the 70s. But then we would have almost certainly have served it à l’orange too.

You’ve been keeping our kitchens busy preparing Coq au Vin of late, probably because it means you can have restaurant quality food with next to no effort. Pop open the jar, throw it into the oven and open a bottle of Pinot Noir to add weight to your claim to have been slaving in the kitchen all afternoon preparing dinner.

For the adventurous we have two fabulous new cheeses this month in tangy Harbourne Blue and creamy Little Ryding. If you prefer to tread a more traditional path then perhaps it’s time you reminded yourself just how good Jamie Montgomery’s Cheddar is.

Bestsellers – The Patisserie

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake

Tradition can be confusing. If you used up all your supplies on Pancake Day before fasting for Lent then what are you supposed to use to whip up all those sweet treats from in time for Easter? We’ll be happy to fill the gap.

Of course we stock a Simnel Cake, rest assured also that ours is the best in the business. Made by Meg Rivers to a classic recipe that’s rich, buttery and moist.

The most popular Easter Special this year? Our Hot Cross Bun & Butter Pudding by a country mile. The buns are perfect for soaking up all that freshly made crème anglais, whilst gentle spices and raisins perfectly balance the sweetness.

We’re fussy about our chocolate round these parts. That’s why you’ll find no novelty eggs on offer this year. Our handmade Luxury Chocolate Brownies are fudgy, dark and wonderful. Flourless too so great for those big on flavour but steering clear of gluten.

Don’t forget also our fabulous Petits Fours, Macaroons and Chef’s new Victoria Sandwich with blueberry compote.

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Observer Food Monthy Awards Producers of the year – Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes

The Observer Food Monthly magazine awards are highly respected, for the most part due to the calibre of the chefs, writers and producers who make up the judging panel. They have just announced the winners of their 2009 awards and we are delighted to see that they have chosen Forman & Field favourite Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes as their Producer of the Year 2009. Take a bag of Red King Edward bakers or Pink Fir Apple boilers and judge for yourself!

Click here to order Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes

To accompany such a fine tuber we’d reccomend a simple spring supper of fresh salmon with hollandaise. Wrap your salmon in foil parcels with some seasoning and a knob of butter and bake for 10-15 minutes at 180°C. Serve with your award winning potatoes, our ready made Atkins & Potts Hollandaise and a pile of steamed purple sprouting broccoli.


Berry Brothers & Rudd Tasting Event

We get asked to attend lots of shows and events. Rarely, however, are we invited by such luminaries of the fine food and drink community as the wine merchant Berry Brothers & Rudd. With 311 years under their belt they’ve been in business even longer than Forman’s.

We joined the Berry’s team and their customers to taste their wines alongside our trademark London Cured Smoked Salmon, served on buckwheat blinis with creme fraiche, capers and shallots. It’s our favourite way of serving smoked salmon for a party, we top the blinis for customers and let them add their own toppings. I’d certainly reccomend it to anyone entertaining over the Easter period, our kit makes it it a synch to prepare at home.

Smoked Salmon and Blini Kit and Kerboodle

Smoked Salmon and Blini Kit and Kerboodle

This event got us thinking that there’s a lot food producers can learn from the wine industry. For years vineyards have opened their doors to customers, inviting them in to learn about production methods, to taste and to buy over the gate. It’s something that we’ve been slow to catch on to. Indeed an industrial food producer usually has every interest in hiding the process that goes into the food they churn out. Farm shops are all very well but often you find produce divorced from the producer there as much as you do in a supermarket.

At Forman’s Fish Island we’ll be doing everything we can to encourage customers to come and visit us. We’re proud of the fresh ingredients and traditional techniques that go into everything we make and we want to show off to our customers. Come and visit the smokehouse, enjoy a meal in our restaurant and close the gap between producer and your plate.


Watch the BBC Documentary featuring Forman & Field

BBC2’s documentary on the ‘last stand at Stratford’ is available to watch on the iPlayer until the 18th March.

The film follows businesses, local residents and a feisty group of allotment owners as they fought for fair treatment when being relocated to make way for the London 2012. You’ll see inside our previous smokehouse, in fact you can watch the ‘tyranosaurous rex’ demolition monsters tear it down! The program’s a witty yet touching portrayal of how we all felt when faced with the prospect of being bulldozed and how we eventually managed to turn it into a positive step for Formans.

Click Here to watch Building the Olympic Dream

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the program so please leave a comment. How do you feel about the LDA’s treatment of the locals? Was it right to tear up the allotments for 2 weeks of sport? Will the legacy of the games justify the upheaval? What on earth is the Lammas Land song all about?

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Easter Specials – launch 19th March

We’ll be treating you to a bumper selection of Easter Specials available from the 19th March. Some of our particular favourites include a Kelly Bronze Turkey Dinner that provides a quick but nevertheless gourmet roast, Chef Lloyd Hardwick’s Victoria Sandwich with blueberry compote, Wild Boar Chorizo from the Cotswolds and in Little Ryding and Harbourne Blue two of the finest cheeses you will taste all year.

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FoodLovers Easter Lunch Hamper

If you can’t wait until the 19th our FoodLovers Easter Lunch Hamper is already available. We’ve worked with Henrietta Green of to create a complete lunch of seasonal delicacies that are available only from Forman & Field. We’re yet to taste finer lamb than the leg of organic Hampshire Down included, click here for full details.

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Click image to place your order

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BBC 2 Documentary Featuring Formans – Building the Olympic Dream

The 4 year process of relocating our smokehouse to make way for the Olympic stadium will be featured on a new BBC 2 documentary series charting the journey towards London 2012 starting tonight at 9pm. We will be featured as part of next week’s show, to be screened at 9pm on Wednesday the 11th March.

From the producers of the documentary:

London’s Olympic Park is to be built in the heart of the East End, on nearly 700 acres of neglected land, at a cost of over £9 billion.

The Stratford site is to become home to several world class stadia, a media centre and an Olympic village to accommodate 17,000 athletes.

But before construction begins the land must be cleared of businesses, homes and a century old allotment society, and – although not against the Olympics in principle – not everyone is happy about being moved from the site.

‘The pent up and potential value that’s in this land is basically being stolen from us now to be used for 2 weeks of sport.’ Lance Forman – businessman

‘Well, I am very sad about the fact that the place I live is going to be demolished. I think it’s completely unnecessary.’ Julian Cheyne – resident

‘This site’s been here for over 100 years. They – they – they can’t just – just sweep us away as though we don’t matter. It’s just not fair.’ Penny Lungley Allotment Holder

The man with the overall vision for the Olympic Park and in charge of the design is Jason Prior – the master planner.

‘I suppose it’s a piece of land that’s been everyone’s backdoor, backyard for years, you know. The rivers were the conveyors of sewage and waste, not really seen as rivers; the canals were for moving heavy transport, heavy goods, and the land was, in effect, it’s a landfill site. And most people involved could see that the Games were of huge benefit to London and to huge benefit to change but, of course, they’re sitting there saying – well, of course, I think this is a great idea, but that’s my allotment.’

This film charts the last months of those being evicted from the land and their attempts to stay and be incorporated into the plans for the park.

Inevitably there will be winners and losers as deals are struck with the London Development Agency – the body responsible for acquiring the land.

On the site of the main Olympic stadium is a family-owned fish factory which has provided smoked salmon to the luxury end of the market for the last 100 years.

‘I think we’re the only business operating now. It’s like the last stand at the Alamo. Oh, they hate me. They absolutely hate me. I think they must have thought – when they first moved into this area – that, you know, they’re a bunch of sleepy businessmen out there that will just keel over and – and go away the minute we Compulsory Purchase their land. I don’t think they expected the fight that they – they got. I’m not anti the Olympics…. But I believe in fair play.’ Lance Forman – businessman

And as the bulldozers start to close in, there is a sense that a part of the East End is being lost forever.

‘You’re fighting the government, aren’t you? You know, you put up a good fight, but you can’t beat them people. They’ve made their mind up. ….. it’s got to be flattened. Right down to the riverbank. All those beautiful trees on that riverbank. That’s what gets me, when I stop and look at that river and I look down….. you could go halfway around the world and you can’t see a beautiful picture like that.’ Tommy Norris – Plot Holder

But for the Olympic Authorities there is a mounting sense of excitement as the land is almost completely cleared and they can start to develop the Olympic Park of their dreams.

‘This is a challenging site to develop. Out with the old, in with the new, and into the construction phase.’

Lord Coe – Chairman LOCOG