Archive for January 5, 2009

New for 2009

Here is a taster of what you can expect from Forman & Field in 2009.

Restaurant Opening

The final stages of work on our restaurant began just before Christmas. We’ve been using the space for one-off private events over the last year but we’re putting the finishing touches to the menu and kitchens and getting ready for our proper public opening in the first quarter of 2009. Watch this space for reservation details.

Exclusive Customer Competitions

For the first time this year we’re lining up some very special competitions that will take the lucky winners on gastronomic tours to experience some of the finest food these Isles have to offer. Competitions will be announced through our monthly Specials mailers so do make sure you are registered to receive them by requesting a catalogue if you do not receive them already.

Event Catering

You may just find that you bump into Forman & Field on the road at some of the country’s most prestigious events this summer. We have been invited to make our first forays into outside catering at a series of sporting events with as much history as Forman’s. Rest assured, we will not be featuring a burger van.

The Best New Food

Of course the most important news is that we have a whole raft of fantastic new producers waiting in the wings to add more variety and depth to our range of fine British foods. Every month our Specials will bring you new delicacies that we hope will become Forman & Field classics of the future.